Traveling with a pet can be a stressful experience but at Modern Style Pet we have tools to make your trip a fun experience!

Modern Style Pet believes it is important to offer your pet the opportunity to travel with you on all your great adventures.   Whether you are going to the beach or just to grandmas for a visit we have the gear you need to keep your loved one safe and happy on the journey. 

Our pet car seat covers come in several different versions to meet your travel needs.  We have cargo liners for the back of your SUV to help keep your pet comfortable and your SUV clean. We also have dog hammocks to help line and protect the back seat or your car.  We have a more luxurious quilted dog hammock that creates a soft and plush area for your dog to enjoy to the ride.  We also have a waterproof hammock which is great for those trips to the beach to help keep your vehicle free of sandy wet dog!

When traveling there is often a need to keep your pet in a carrier.  Don’t let this task be a burden.  At Modern Style Pet we have several options of pet carriers to fit any need.  Are designer pet carriers offer the ultimate in luxury and style and are also airline friendly.  We also have a nice selection of rolling pet carriers that also will connect with a car seat belt for those family road trips.  And for the staycation we have awesome bike baskets that allow you and your pet to enjoy the outdoors with the wind in your face.

For the larger dog we also have a pet bike trailer that attaches to any bike so even your biggest buddy can enjoy a ride through the park with the wind in their face.  Additional pet travel gear includes a mesh net to separate and contain your pet in the back seat to ensure safe distraction free driving with your best buddy.  After a long day of sun and fun we all need a little shade and our pop sun shade will keep even your biggest pet shady and happy.   We also have a great travel bag for pets that comes with all the tools you need to feed and water your loved one and ensure the stay fit and health on the road.

And for the senior pet, traveling and together time is just as important as it was in younger days. To help with loading and unloading we have ramps and stairs to make getting in and out of the car or SUV much easier and less painful. 


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