Stairs and Ramps

Stairs and Ramps


Stairs and ramps to make your special friends life just a little easier!

Stairs and ramps are more of a necessity than a pampering item and at Modern Style Pet we believe in making life easy for our loved ones.  For both little and big dogs alike, it isn’t particularly good for their joints to be jumping down from high surfaces.  It can be especially dangerous and risky for the little guys.  Jumping out of a car or the back of an SUV can be difficult and painful for an older larger dog.  Ramps are also helpful to the pet owner who needs to lift the 80+ pound dog into and out of the back of the car or  SUV.  Placing stairs by the bed or sofa ensures your dog can get on and off the furniture safely.

Large Custom Indoor Ramps     We also offer custom made indoor ramps for those truly pampered larger pets that sleep in bed with the family.  These ramps are carpet covered and blend nicely into any decor.  They are designed to match the width of your bed and accomodate the weight of the largest dog.  A gradual incline to a level landing makes getting on and off the bed gentle and easy.

Enjoy your shopping experience at Modern Style Pet and if we can help with any questions please feel free to contact us a

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