Natural & Organic


Modern Style Pet provides you with a collection of nautral and organic pet gear, cleaning, products and treats for your pets.  Your pet’s happiness, health and longevity depend in large part on the products and food you give them and use around them.  Organic and natural pet gear is not only environmentally responsible but they’re also really good for pets with allergies and sensitive skin.  Our collection includes natural and organic gear for both cats and dogs. We carry dog collars, dog leashes and dog toys that are made from 55% Industrial Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton that help you spoil your pet without spoiling the planet.  Our awesome organic cleaning supplies are non-toxic, colorless and ordorless, making them safe for you, your family and your pets and the environment! 

Every dog enjoys a treat and like their human counterpoints, many of our pets need to watch the calories or have very sensitive stomachs and digestion issues.  All natural, organic dog and cats treats use healthy whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables so you can trust that not only is the treat good, but it is good for them!