Feeding your pet in style!

Modern Style Pet brings you a complete collection of accessories for feeding your pet.  All are practical and will definitely make a cute addition to your home.

Shop our cat bowls to find the perfect feeding bowl for your feline friend.  Some are cute, some poke a little fun, like our bluebird of happiness bowl and others are just adorable. 

Our dog bowls are just as delightful.  Our collection includes bowls sized just right and we even have raised bowls that keep your dog from having to bend over so far to eat which is particularly helpful for senior pets.  You’ll find traditional food bowls with rubber rings that keep them from sliding across the floor. And we have fancy bowls too that are sure to add to the decor of the room.

All good pets deserve a treat and that means you need a treat jar to store them in.  Shop our collection of treat jars for attractive options you’ll love to display out on the counter. 

Make feeding your pet fun with a special bowl and treat jar from Modern Style Pet.