Playtime is fun with toys for dogs and cats!

Modern Style Pet  believes it is important to offer your pet the opportunity to play with a variety of pet toys.  What we consider play is often the pet exhibiting instinctual behaviors – like chewing and pouncing for example.  And, let’s face it, your pet has lots of energy and if that energy isn’t devoted to play it may turn into bad behavior.  Having a good variety of toys is also helpful.  You want to rotate them so your pet doesn’t get bored with them.

Our catnip toys will give your cat hours of enjoyment.  Catnip is a perennial herb.  It is part of the mint family and cats love the scent.  It actually triggers a response in cats that involves all of their senses – smell, sight, sound, taste and touch.  The reaction typically will last just a few minutes then it will reset and the cat may get the same reaction again.  Catnip is not addictive and completely safe for cats. 

Cats are extremely athletic, strong and agile.  They need toys and regular playtime to give them an outlet for their energy and to keep them mentally stimulated.  Playing with cat toys satisfies their instinctual drive to hunt.  Playing with your cat gives you the opportunity to bond with your feline friend. Cats love to bat and chase toys.  They like to investigate and have the opportunity to hide and pounce.  Consider these behaviors when looking for cat toys.

Toys for dogs come in a large variety of options and that is because the different types address different behaviors.  Tough dog toys appeal to the dog’s killer instinct where fetch and tug toys allow for using up energy.  Plush toys are comforting and puzzle toys keep minds busy and help avoid boredom.  Many behavioral problems with dogs are either from lack of training or boredom.  If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it can be really helpful to give them a puzzle toy right before you leave to keep them busy.  Just pick it up when you return home so it stays a “special” toy.